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Drupalgeddon resolution

So there were some seriously critical updates to Drupal these last couple of months. That I promptly ignored on this site and, as fate would have it, the site was hacked. Now I haven't looked at this site in about a year. I don't do regular posts (though I am trying to fix that) and frankly, suprised that anyone even notices this stupid domain. But, it turns out, script kiddies don't care. They will try to hack anything. So today I decided to do the updates neccessary for the few modules I have installed here and found a bunch of new user accounts and roles in my database.

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Moved to PagodaBox

I moved my site to Pagodabox. AND I did it without losing any data.

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Obligatory quarterly post

So GoDaddy was crushed by Anonymous.

And that made me think, "Glad I moved my site off of GoDaddy".

And then I was all "when's the last time I wrote something on my site"

So here you go.

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Parking Garage circuit

I started to do a stair circuit in the parking garage of my building. Now we should be doing the stairs as part of the Warrior Workout class that I take in the gym (at the bottom of the garage) but I get bored with the stairs. Somehow instead of cheating and doing less boring things, I added to it. So, starting from the back of the gym, run around the corner and into the entrance to the parking garage. There are eleven levels to the garage, so run all the way up them. At the top, on the eleventh floor, there is a stairwell. Run down the stairs to the bottom.

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Blah blah blah

Don't have much to say.. But this site is usually where I break things.

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